LedermanVision Prize for Excellence in Vision Therapy

At LedermanVision we witness regularly the often-huge changes we make to our patient's lives through appropriate vision care. We feel the responsibility to promote excellence in Developmental Optometry and have joined with the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (www.covd.org) to award a prize to the graduating 4th year student who performed best in the Vision Therapy section of his/her degree course.
The award includes free membership to the COVD for one year.

Prizewinner Danny Torf receiving his prize from Robert Lederman (2006)

LedermanVision –helping others

LedermanVision is a busy office but Robert Lederman will always find the time to help others further their own cause. Here he is seen giving an interview for a fund-raising presentation for the Clubhouse in London, England. The Clubhouse is a center for adolescents experiencing difficulty in mainstream education. Many suffer from vision- related learning problems and find help for this aspect of the problem at LedermanVision.