So, if there is a parent out there hesitating about starting vision therapy, my advice to you is: trust Dr Lederman!... Give your child the opportunity to function at his maximum. Optometric vision therapy is an investment of time, money and effort, but it's a gift of a lifetime! ( MORE )
My university years were very hard for me... With the help of my very patient instructor I began to feel an improvement in my vision skills. I could read for longer periods without so much effort. ( MORE )
Zecharia had been having some behavior problems in school and at home, along with difficulty doing puzzles, coloring, playing matching games, and other types of play. He also seemed to be very clumsy and often bumped into things, including walls… Within six weeks of starting therapy, Zecharia balance and spatial awareness had improved so much that not only did he stop bumping into walls; he learned how to ride a bicycle (without training wheels), well before his 5th birthday! He can also do a 100-piece puzzle, follow instructions to build with K'nex, He can hit a baseball… ( MORE )
When people ask me exactly what I gained from visual therapy- or what you have done for me, I simply answer..."He saved my life!" ( MORE )
We tried many different ways to advance his learning. Finally we came for an evaluation by Robert Lederman. After obtaining bifocals our son was able to see better, concentrate better, and even speak more coherently. ( MORE )
I had been suffering for quite some time from headaches and lack of concentration... After completing your therapy I am proud to say that my academic studies have greatly improved, and my headaches are no more. ( MORE )
...He refused to do his schoolwork, write his homework, or tests. He had the ability to do so, but it was torture for him... He began weekly sessions with Robert Lederman... this happy third grader is writing his schoolwork with ease and is able to write a whole page in neat, clear handwriting ( MORE )
My wife, a doctor, businesswoman and bookworm suffered a stroke four years ago that affected her in many different ways... Our world collapsed before our very eyes... Three months after therapy commenced, my wife removed the prism glasses altogether. Her vision is great ! She could now drive a motorized three-wheeler to get around town!... Internet became a pleasure and her enjoyment of reading returned... I thank you for bringing back the light to my wife's eyes. ( MORE )
I feel overjoyed each time I see my daughter relaxing with a book. She comes home from school every now and then telling me that she was one of the first to complete the writing, which was a far dream at the beginning of the year. ( MORE )
Now, after 12 sessions of vision therapy, his teachers have noticed a remarkable improvement in his ability to concentrate ( MORE )
Before coming to LedermanVision, my ability to soak up information and then explain and remember complex ideas, especially in Talmud, was not particularly good... Over the forthcoming weeks of exercise my ability to understand and retain and explain information has dramatically improved. ( MORE )
I especially had trouble skipping words and losing my place. ( MORE )
I was suffering from headaches stress and concentration problems when reading or doing near work... and now ten weeks later I must tell you all the problems that have been experiencing have disappeared. ( MORE )
Thank heaven, My son has undergone a major change, already after four weeks of therapy he started reading what is written on the back of cereal boxes!!! Before he had always tried to avoid reading whenever possible ( MORE )
Despite having a natural thirst for knowledge, he despised reading... However after therapy and plenty of perseverance with the homework his reading has undergone a complete transformation and he has turned into a bookworm. Not only that but on the whole he is a much happier child these days! ( MORE )