I apologize for being silent for so long and not writing. It took us time to settle in a new country, to look for rent and work and finally to buy a computer to be able to contact you by mail.

More than 5 months have passed since I finished my vision therapy at LedermanVision, but I want you to know that I did not forget all the assistance, guidance and support that I received from you and all other people of your remarkable staff-team, who helped me to improve my vision skills, to overcome my learning difficulties and get rid of my symptoms I was suffering from while reading!

Until the age of 34, I believed to have good vision and could not understand why reading was so difficult for me and why I was getting tired from it so fast? My school vision screening performance was always good, but I didn't realize that school screenings check only visual acuity and do not check other important visual skills like, eye teaming, tracking, focus adjustment when looking from near to far, and other skills which are crucial for such close up activities like reading!

Having these undetected vision problems, I was suffering while learning, I hated reading, I felt nausea while reading on a bus, and I could not sit by the computer for long because it gave me a headache.

My university years were very hard for me; it was no fun at all since it required a lot of reading. I couldn't go out and meet friends or participate in parties or any other outdoor activities. When preparing for exams I did not have enough time to read all the material since my reading was slow and tiring. I was spending more time and achieving much less then the other students, I started to believe that I was not intelligent enough to keep up with the others in the class.

One day I received a really bad result on an English test. Having an academic degree in English philology and been practicing English for 15 years, I could not understand why my results were so bad. I had a gut feeling that there must be some other reason for my failure!

I was advised to visit an optometrist and was recommended to Robert Lederman. He explained to me that I had 2 main visual problems, which made it very difficult to keep my eyes focused on something at close distance. It was suggested that I do 16 weeks of vision therapy.

I took it very seriously and did the exercises every day. With the help of my very patient instructor I began to feel an improvement in my vision skills. I could read for longer periods without so much effort.
At the end of my therapy, the results were amazing!

I was able to read and sit by the computer for hours without any headaches, tiredness, nausea, blurred vision or any other symptoms I was experiencing before therapy. I found that not only my reading became easier and faster, but also my understanding became better, which helped me to believe that I was cognitively normal, like anybody else.

Of course I would not have been able to achieve my goals without the close supervision of Robert Lederman, my instructor Devora and other staff members, who were guiding me, correcting me, following up closely and were constantly supporting me during my therapy progress. I was very lucky to be introduced to LedermanVision and its staff that helped me not only to find a true reason for my vision problem, but also correct it and make me feel like a normal person again!

Vladi Struchkov, 36yrs.