My wife, a doctor, businesswoman and bookworm suffered a stroke four years ago that affected her in many different ways. Since that terrible night, nothing was the same and we would never be able to live the life we dreamed of. Our world collapsed before our very eyes. One of the big losses was a 50% reduction in focusing, balance and speech.

One year after my wife completed rehabilitation work, I went with her to a number of eye specialists in order to get help for her focusing difficulty. Her inability to read made each day drag on. Even watching television was impossible. The eye exams showed that she had good eyesight but that her two eyes did not work together. She was given strong prisms glasses that were very expensive. The glasses were a help for far but not for reading. Despite the help, she still kept bumping into things and tripping. The reading glasses helped somewhat but she still tired after a very short while. She used to love the Internet, but now just found it frustrating and depressing. The difficulties were too hard to describe.

Two and a half years after the stroke, I was recommended by a rehab center to contact you. I was furious! I felt so emotionally abused. Like the spouse of many stroke patients, I have received suggestion after suggestion. You feel like grabbing onto anything, any hope they can give you. We had already seen the top eye specialists. They had done what they could. Why was I being given yet another ray of false hope? Somehow, despite my great reservations and skepticism I made the appointment to come to your office.

At our telephone conversation after our visit you told me that after three or four visits of therapy you would be able to let me know whether you though you could help. After our second meeting it was clear to me how much you could offer my wife. It was also clear to me that by helping her restore her visual skills, you would affect her emotional state, and give her real hope. The exercises were simple! Soon my wife could walk without the prism glasses. It was a miracle for my wife, and a huge relief for me. When you suggested the need for a computerized home therapy program, I already trusted you and knew you were suggesting the best for my wife.

Three months after therapy commenced, my wife removed the prism glasses altogether. Her vision is great! She could now drive a motorized three-wheeler to get around town. Imagine what this did for here confidence! Internet became a pleasure and her enjoyment of reading returned.

A new beginning! A feeling of new purpose in life and an awareness that despite the many difficulties that remained, there was a great improvement in the quality of life for my wife, because of you. Because of your kindness. Because you are able to see what so many other eye specialists cannot.

I thank you for bringing back the light to my wife's eyes.

Etan Yaron. Husband of patient.