There are just no words that come to mind that come close to expressing my thanks to you for all that you have given me.

When people ask me exactly what I gained from visual therapy- or what you have done for me, I simply answer... "He saved my life!" In essence, that is exactly what you did-because now I am truly able to live every day to it's fullest- in full color so to speak, not through a smoke screen.

Looking back to November 2004 when we first began, I see now that I had no reason to doubt you. I could and would succeed. Yet we both know that those beginning months were filled with many (many!) "I cant's". Success seemed far away- and very, very unattainable. Your creativity, patience, and constant encouragement allowed even me to believe that it could happen-that even, I dare say, would come the day that I would enjoy picking up a book to read.

Clarity is the one word that describes it all. Every aspect of my life has been affected overall by this 'new me'. The me that can remember a phone number, the me that can change the radio station while in a car, dial from a cell phone. The me who can get up in the morning and work straight through without the need for a nap because my eyelids were closing from straining to keep my eyes on the page. Line, and so forth at the computer. The me who can multi task and organize.

The me that can (now) look you in the eye- literally- and say hello.

For all these reasons- and really many many more, I thank you for introducing me not only to the world around me- but also to myself... a very capable, smart, and intelligent women.

May heaven continue to bless you with talent and wisdom and may you be blessed in continuing to be the right address for so many.