When Zecharia started visual therapy he was only 4 1/2 years old. He had been having some behavior problems in school and at home, along with difficulty doing puzzles, coloring, playing matching games, and other types of play. He also seemed to be very clumsy and often bumped into things, including walls. During Zecharia's initial evaluation by an occupational therapist, the OT noticed some issues that she couldn't quite understand. After a conversation with Zehava Witkin, a friend of the family and an OT who was singing praises of visual therapy, we decided to have Zecharia evaluated in your office.

Even after hearing Zehava describe the amazing things some of her patients were accomplishing as a result of visual therapy, I have to admit that I was quite skeptical. Especially after seeing Zecharia's evaluation and becoming more aware of his limitations, I tried to hope for the best but had my doubts.

Needless to say, we are still amazed today, almost a year later, at what Zecharia has accomplished as a result of visual therapy. Within six weeks of starting therapy, Zecharia balance and spatial awareness had improved so much that not only did he stop bumping into walls; he learned how to ride a bicycle (without training wheels), well before his 5th birthday! He can also do a 100-puece puzzle, follow instructions to build with K'nex, He can hit a baseball... And within a few months of completing therapy, Zecharia learned all his letters and started reading! Because visual therapy helped improve Zecharia's skills in such a wide range of areas, his behavior in school improved as well.

Equally as important as your professional skills, we appreciated your unending patience in working with Zecharia, as much as Zecharia needed to improve his visual skills, he also needed confidence building. A 4 1/2 year old boy who is angry at a world in which everything seems to be upside down and out of place is not exactly the easiest person to motivate to do difficult exercises. And yet you were able to respond to Zecharia's need to take things slowly, you were able to make him feel good enough about his accomplishments so that he was willing to continue to tackle the difficulties. If you only knew what an amazing feat that was! You were able to tailor therapy to Zecharia's specific emotional needs and because of that he left your office each week with a little more self-confidence than the week before. Your seemingly endless amount of patience with Zecharia, explaining an exercise to him six or seven times, in different ways, is something that meant more to us than anything else. It's for the care and support you showed him that we truly thank you!

Jenny and Elen Zivotofsky, Zecharia's parents 4 1/2 years old